Office of Technology Commercialization and Business Development

Technology Commercialization and Business Development

Temple University is generating cutting-edge discoveries that are advancing through an active commercialization program designed to accelerate technology development and new startup formation, including the recently launched startup programs described here.  New microsphere taste strips for drug delivery, interventional catheter-based therapies, naturally derived wound healing materials, next-generation lithium-ion battery materials, virtual reality based rehab for balance impairment, and therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and HIV are just a few examples of the technology under development at Temple. Furthermore, 28 active spinouts have raised over $717 million in outside funding to advance our technologies toward product launch.

Temple stands ready to explore collaboration opportunities through the Office of Technology Commercialization and Business Development, an integrated hub for entrepreneurs and industry to discover their next partnership opportunity.  

For inventors, please submit your invention using our Invention Disclosure Process.

For entrepreneurs, companies and investors, please contact J. Todd Abrams, Ph.D. to find your next commercialization opportunity.