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The Office of the Vice President for Research supports the advancement of interdisciplinary research that builds on the strengths of the Temple University research community. Our office partners with colleges, schools and departments to bring together a broad cross-section of faculty from across the entire university to learn about the interests and activities connected with the theme of the research exchange. 

Temple University subscribes to several funding opportunity databases. The links to these opportunities can be found through the Temple ERA System or here

For further information about these programs please click on the below:


Limited Submissions

Limited submission opportunities occur when funding agencies place limits on certain grant and award opportunities. These limits could include proposals, applications, or letters of intent that one university can submit in a given timeframe. In such cases, the Office of the Vice President for Research will pre-review internal applications in order to determine which may be submitted on behalf of Temple University. As this is a common practice at research institutions, we encourage faculty before applying for an opportunity with submission limitations to follow Temple University’s limited submission process to secure authorization. If you have a questions or would like to receive more information about Limited Submission Opportunities, send your inquiry to

Internal Funding

We assist faculty in identifying funding sources for intellectual research. The most up up-to-date information is available via the web and we encourage faculty to make use of the many electronic tools available for locating funding opportunities.

External Funding

To enhance the information available to Temple's Faculty, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) posts information regarding various external research funding opportunities on our website. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all external funding opportunities available to faculty.

Special Funding

Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) Program, including Formula and Non-Formula Funding:

In 1998, Pennsylvania joined forty-five other states in a Master Settlement Agreement with the tobacco industry. Subsequently, Pennsylvania Act 77 of 2001 specified that all the funds Pennsylvania receives through the agreement be used to support health-related initiatives, including a health research program administered by the Department of Health.

Under this program grants are awarded for clinical, health services, and biomedical research. Act 77 established two types of health research awards: Formula Fund and Non-Formula Fund grants. Formula Fund grants are awarded to institutions in Pennsylvania based on their level of NIH and NCI research funding over the previous three years relative to other Pennsylvania educational and research institutions. Non-formula fund grants are awarded competitively by the Department of Health through a peer review process similar to that employed by the National Institutes of Health. 

For more information on obtaining this funding, contact the Office of the Vice for Research at

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