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OVPR Leave Process

Employees and supervisors are mutually responsible for planning and scheduling the use of leave throughout the fiscal year. 

For questions and clarifications about OVPR leave process, please contact Bill Winston, bcw@temple.edu

Annual Vacation Leave Process

Employees must use the Quarterly Leave Request Form to request annual vacation leave in advance of each quarter (whether a partial, full, single or multiple days). Requests for additions and/or modifications to quarterly annual leave are required to use the Alternative Leave Form.

Quarterly Leave Request Cycle

  • 1st Quarter Dates: July 1 – September 30
    Deadline for 1st Quarter Requests: June 1
    Link to FY 24 Q1 Request Form
  • 2nd Quarter Dates: October 1 – December 31
    Deadline for 2nd Quarter Request: September 1
    Link to FY 24 Q2 Request Form
  • 3rd Quarter Dates: January 1 – March 31
    Deadline for 3rd Quarter Requests: December 15
  • 4th Quarter Dates: April 1 – June 30
    Deadline for 4th Quarter Requests: March 1

Personal and Sick Leave Process

Employees must use the Alternative Leave Form. Employees will submit the form to their supervisor within one business day of returning to work following sick leave. Upon supervisor approval, the form will be submitted to Bill Winston.

Please refer to the Employee Handbook for more details regarding the use of all forms of leave time. 


OVPR Brand Assets

All OVPR staff are strongly encouraged to download OVPR brand assets to help us improve communications and enhance consistency.

For questions and clarifications about OVPR brand assets, please contact linaduffy@temple.edu.

Note: These are internal links. You must be logged into your TU account to access them.

PowerPoint Template

Use the OVPR PowerPoint template in all your internal and external communications.

New layouts will be periodically added to the template. Please re-download the template every time you create a new presentation to ensure you have the most up-to-date version.


Zoom Backgrounds

Choose from various OVPR-branded backgrounds to display during Zoom meetings.

If your Zoom background looks pixelated, you may wish to enable HD video in your Zoom app.


New Zoom backgrounds will be added periodically.