Tips for Applying to Research Opportunities

Begin early researching for opportunities: Draft application essays and personal statements, and gather relevant documents early. These applications demand a great deal of attention and planning. These research opportunities can be quite competitive, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Read application requirements carefully: Programs require different materials and forms (for example, some sites require official transcripts while others will accept unofficial transcripts) and have different deadlines. Careful read the guidelines, know the deadline, and the application process.

Drafting application essays personal statements: These short essays are very important, and are usually the only free-form response section on an application. To get help with personal statements and application process, contact the Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising;

Letters of recommendation:  Most competitive summer research opportunities require two or three letters.  Seek out academic recommenders who can speak to your accomplishments, skills, and scholarly dedication.  Be sure to contact recommenders at least three weeks in advance of the application deadline.