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 What is my AccessNet username and accessnet password? I forgot my AccessNet username and/or password, or do not know my account information.

An AccessNet Account allows you to use Temple University's web and computing resources like TUMail, TUPortal, TUBlackboard and provides a secure login to the ERA application.
The best way to determine your AccessNet ID is to look for your information at: https://accounts.temple.edu.

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I do not have a Temple AccessNet Account. What do I do?

If you are affiliated with Temple University as an employee, student, or various other capacities, you may obtain an AccessNet account by following the steps outlined here: AccessNet Account
For a faculty member who has not started at Temple University yet, the department should request a guest account to be created using the GARS system for ‘Full Guest Access’ as explained for Guests here: AccessNet Account. The department should also request an email account be setup by contacting the TU Computer Services Help Desk at (215) 204-8000 (1-8000). Unless it is a TUHS or Fox Chase employee; that instance, the email you provide on the Guest Info section of the form should be your TUHS or Fox Chase email address, not your personal email address.  Make sure they include the 5 digit number for the Sponsoring Department that you will be doing Research with at the University.
For University Alumni, having an active AccessNet Account and email is not enough information for an ERA account to be provisioned. You will also need to request a Guest account as described here: AccessNet Account as well as the 5 digit number for the Sponsoring Department (also known as an Organization or Org) that you will be doing Research with at the University.  Alumni are not automatically assigned a Department, thus the need for Guest Access.

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How do I obtain a Temple AccessNet Account if I am a TUHS Employee?

Before you begin you will need a valid TUHS Network Account.  This is typically the account you use to log into eCare/Epic, the network, or the SOFT Lab System for TUHS. Your manager also needs a valid TUHS account and needs to be listed as a manager in TUHS. If your manager is not, you should find a TUHS manager/administrator that can approve the SARF (System Access Request Form) for you.
Once provisioned, your new University account that is needed for ERA access will have a different TUID and username because TU and TUHS use 2 different HR systems (Banner and Peoplesoft). The account is annually renewable by your supervisor/Administrator.
Please call:
  • TUHS Client Support Help Desk at (215) 707-7008 if you have any issues with the Online SARF or 
  • TU Help Desk (215) 204-4357 if you have issues with your TU Guest Account once it has been provisioned.

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How do I obtain access to ERA application?

To login to the ERA application you need to have a Temple University AccessNet account.  A select group of Employees are automatically imported into ERA daily from Temple’s Banner HR system.  
For those who aren’t imported into ERA automatically, you will notice the first time that you login to ERA with your AccessNet account, you are prompted to confirm your profile data based on your Banner HR, STUDENT or GUEST information on the screen.  Upon successful confirmation, you will be added automatically to our import process for the upcoming night. All accounts will get activated in ERA the next day at 8 am.  If there is an issue with your dept appearing on the confirmation page, please contact the ERA team at era@temple.edu with details.
Please Note: 
All ERA profiles are required to have an active TUmail or TUHS/FCCC email account. For TUHS/FCCCC guest users; the process will use the TUHS/FCCC email account if it is listed as the email you provide on the Guest Info section of the GARS form within TUportal.

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Why can't I login?

An AccessNet account is required to login to the ERA portal.

We have the following error messages that will be displayed if there are errors when you try to login to eRA:

Error 102:

Error 102

If you see the above error message, then please double check your Accessnet Username and TUsecure Password. If you have difficulties or have forgotten your password then please go here: https://accounts.temple.edu.

Error 201:

If you see the above error message, then please email your Full Name, 9-digit TEMPLE UNIVERSITY TUID, Accessnet username and Department to era@temple.edu. In the subject line, write "Please resolve Unauthorised ERA Access". Please DO NOT provide us any passwords.

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