What Is LabArchives?

The LabArchives platform provides an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for research where scientists and their teams can securely store, manage, organize and share research data.

Storage capacity for each notebook: Each notebook capacity is 1 TB, a single attachment can be up to 16 GB, with 30,000 entries per notebook. The recommendation is to create multiple notebooks to organize your data. LabArchives can also be used to tell your research narrative and keep a time stamped record of all work done. You can add a link to data repositories where your large data sets are already stored and can continue to be stored.

Sharing data: LabArchives will create a DOI and publish it, if needed for your work. It is the PIs responsibility if sharing data to ensure that all data sharing is compliant with Temple’s existing data policies including, but not limited to, IRBexport control, informed consent, IP considerations and all Temple ITS policies.

How Does It Work?

Creating a LabArchives account is quick and easy through the Temple SSO.

Follow this link if you are signing in for the first time. 

Refer to the Quick Start Guide for more information and follow this link to sign in.


LabArchives is intuitive to set up and easy to use. They offer support by phone, guides, webinars, downloads, email, and FAQs here. 

LabArchives offers their Knowledgebase link here with answers to help get you started. 

In addition, a quick YouTube tutorial can help with the initial set-up.  

For specific questions and to set up a one-on-one time with OVPR and your research team email