Post Award Management

Welcome to Post Award Management

The Post Award Management team recognizes the need to become agile and responsive to the needs of the research community, we have developed an organization that will enable us to satisfy the traditional post-award roles and also serve as a bridge to connect these functions with the pre-award activities.  Our intent is to eliminate the bureaucracy and sense of overwhelming that a typical researcher feels when they are awarded a new grant.  Our goal is to proactively meet with the research faculty to train and educate them on policies, procedures and financial systems.

The Post Award Management team provides a wealth of other services that begins when an externally sponsored award is funded.  These services include ensuring adherence to rules and regulation of funding agencies, preparation and submission of financial reports and invoices, and the maximization of cash flow.  The Post Award Management team also provides the management of the Effort Reporting System (ERS), sub-recipient monitoring and service center rate development. Other reporting functions of the office include the preparation of the Facilities and Administrative rate proposal, the Employee Benefit rate proposal and the Uniform Guidance Single audit report.