Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

RCR Overview

Responsible and ethical conduct of research is critical for excellence, as well as, public trust in academic research and education.

Temple University has an approved Integrity Policy. The Integrity officer is Michele M. Masucci, Vice President for Research. If there is a possible violation, the charge should be brought to Michele M. Masucci's attention. Misconduct may include fabrication, plagiarism, falsification and failure to comply with the proper conduct of research. After the review of the charge made in good faith, the integrity officer will refer the situation to an inquiry committee to determine possible misconduct. If the committee considers there to be probable cause, then it is referred to an investigation committee. If they concur that there is misconduct, the case will then be referred to the President for possible sanction. All faculty must receive training in the integrity procedures.

  • Temple's Policy on Misconduct in Research and Creative Work (download)
  • DHHS Responsible conduct of Research policy (download)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training (download)