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What is my University AccessNet username and accessnet password? OR I forgot my AccessNet username and/or password OR I don’t know my account information. 

A University AccessNet Account allows you to use Temple University's web and computing resources like TUMail, TUPortal, Canvas and provides a secure login to the ERA application.
The preferred method to determine your AccessNet ID is to look for your information at: https://accounts.temple.edu; if you can login successfully, then your Accessnet account is active. Just click the Exit button to then logout of the Accounts website.
The Accounts website can also be used for the following:

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How are ERA profiles in the ERA system at Temple provisioned?

Profiles are provisioned with baseline security to create proposals, protocols, etc. for the user’s department based on the 5 digit department you are paid out of on record in Banner HR.  Elevated security access can be requested by emailing era@temple.edu and including the users name, TUID and approval of the Budget or Research head along with the name of an existing profile we should copy the security from in ERA.  If replacing another person in your department, let us know that as well in your email.
  • Employees: Most profiles are provisioned automatically for employees when the hiring department enters a start date for employment.  We provision employees as soon as that date is populated and do not wait until their start date.  This allows Researchers to transfer their work to Temple, if needed.
    • Other employees: They will need to login to ERA directly to start the provisioning process via their first login to https://era.temple.edu.
  • Students: They will need to login to ERA directly to start the provisioning process via their first login to https://era.temple.edu once they are registered for the current or future major semester.
  • Guests: They will need to login to ERA directly to start the provisioning process via their first login to https://era.temple.edu 
  • Alumni: Do not have access to ERA.
  • TUH and FCCC Guests: You will need to have a Guest Account provisioned at the University Via the process below.


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I do not have a Temple University AccessNet Account OR I am TUHS/FCCC employee OR I am an Alumni. What do I do? 

You will need a Guest Account with the University to get a University Accessnet ID and TUID which is different than the TUH Accessnet ID and TUID as they are two distinct entities.  Your ERA Access request will include your TUHS/FCC email address that you want used in the University ERA system.  You will NOT be provisioned a University email account (@temple.edu) unless you have a dual employment appt. The University uses these Department codes in the University accounting system for TUH/FCCC employees: Episcopal Hospital = 61400, TUH = 61000, TUHS = 60200, Fox Chase = 67300.

For TUHS/FCCC employees:

1. Login to The Hub for Temple Health and click on ServiceCenter | Instructions under Popular Links as seen here: 

2. Follow the instructions on this document for the Temple Health Hub Service Center and be sure to:

  • Select Request Type = GARS/AccessNet (Temple University) and
  • Access Type or Role = Login for ERA
  • Once you have completed the form, click Submit.


For other Collaborators/Guests (that aren’t TUH/FCCC employees):
A "Guest" is defined as an individual who is not a current Temple University employee, faculty member, or student. Guests can include, but are not limited to visiting faculty, visiting scholars, contractors, vendors, volunteers, volunteer faculty who are not considered "faculty of record," temporary agency employees, University Alumni, and summer program participants.  All Guest accounts are annually renewable by the requester unless an earlier expire date is needed.

1.    Contact the business administrator for the University department/college you are performing research for to login to the Guest Access Request System (GARS) to be your Sponsor for Guest Access. The Guest Access Request System is available through TUportal. Click here for the procedures for GARS system.
2.    The department should request a guest account to be created using the GARS system for ‘Limited Guest Access’. Make sure they include the 5 digit number for the Sponsoring Department that you will be doing Research with at the University.  For Example, if this is for TUSM: Bioethics, then that department number will be 04780. 
University policies on system access can be found here: https://tuportal6.temple.edu/group/its/procedure-for-granting-systems-access-and-guest-cards-to-guests
The following information is required and maintained for each Guest:
•    Sponsor’s TUid and Email
•    Start Date
•    Expiration Date of access (maximum of one year but renewable by sponsor)
•    Guest’s TUid (if previously or newly issued), date of birth, first name, last name, and contact information.
•    The last 4 digits of Guest’s Social Security Number. This information is needed to avoid generating a duplicate TUid in the chance that the Guest is a former Temple University faculty member, staff member, alumni, or student.


For University Alumni and former employees:
Having an active AccessNet Account and email is not enough information for a profile to be created and maintained in ERA. You will also need to request a Guest account as described above, as well as the 5 digit number for the Sponsoring Department (also known as an Organization or Org) that you will be doing Research with at the University.  Alumni are not automatically assigned a Department, thus the need for a Guest Access Request.


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How do I obtain access to the ERA application?

To login to the ERA application, you need to have a Temple University AccessNet account.  A select group of Employees are automatically imported into ERA daily from Temple’s Banner HR system.

For those who aren’t imported into ERA automatically, you will notice the first time that you login to ERA with your AccessNet account, you well then see some of your profile data based on your Banner HR, STUDENT or GUEST information on the screen.  Upon successfully clicking Continue, you will be added automatically to our import process for the upcoming night.  All accounts will get activated in ERA the next day by 8 am.  If there is an issue with your department or other information appearing on the web page, Please fill out the text box to indicate any incorrect information (however, if there is incorrect information, you will need to contact the respective HR or Student office to get the information changed; as ERA only consumes information already available in TUportal).

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Can I use my personal email address in Temple’s ERA system?

All ERA profiles are required to have an active TUmail or TUHS/FCCC email account. We do NOT allow personal email accounts, such as @gmail.com, etc.

More information on screen prompts and error screens can be found here.

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Why can't I login?

A University AccessNet account associated with a University Department number is required to login to the ERA System at Temple.
We have the following error messages that will be displayed if there are errors when you try to login to eRA:
1. Error 102 or 102b:
Error 102
If you see the above error message, then please double check your Accessnet Username and TUsecure Password. If you have difficulties or have forgotten your password then please go here: https://accounts.temple.edu.
2. Unable to Identify: Contact the era@temple.edu team if you get this message:
We were unable to identify you as a Guest Or Student at Temple University or your employee department code doesn't exist in ERA yet. The Guest system may be under routine maintenance and is unable to process your request at this time or you are a Student with an Undeclared Major. Please try again later. If you still receive this error, please contact us if you need access at era@temple.edu.
3. Duplicate Requests, message is self-explanatory:
We already have a request for access on <REQUEST_DATE> to the Electronic Research Administration System for TUid: <TUID> and Name: <FNAME> <LNAME>.  Accounts are activated by 8am the next day for requests made by midnight.  Please contact us with any questions era@temple.edu
4. Inactive Profile: Contact the era@temple.edu team if you get this message; you are a former employee, student or guest and may need to initiate a Guest Account Request if still doing Research related activities with the University:
You have a profile in eRA currently, but it has been marked as 'Inactive'.  If you believe this to be a mistake,  please contact us at era@temple.edu with your name, TUid and accessnet username.

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Who should I contact with:

  • IRB protocol questions or issues? Please contact the IRB office: irb@temple.edu
  • COI questions or issues? Depending on where you work; contact one the two COI directors found here.
  • Proposal and budget questions or issues? Please contact the IBC office: ibc@temple.edu
  • IBC protocol questions or issues? Please reach out to your Grant Analyst in the Pre-Award Team found here.
  • IACUC protocol questions or issues? Please contact the Contracts office: contracts@temple.edu
  • Contract Agreement questions or issues? Please contact the ERS administrator at: ers@temple.edu
  • ERS (Effort Reporting System) access, questions or issues? Please contact the ERS administrator at: ers@temple.edu
  • Post Award Budget and Expense questions on my Grants? Please reach out to the Post Award team at: rapost@temple.edu
  • Invention Disclosure, Licenses and Patents questions? Please contact the Technology Commercialization team at: ers@temple.edu
  • Limited Submissions and InfoReady Access questions? Please contact the Limited Submissions Funding team at: funding@temple.edu
  • Research Report Requests? Please contact the ERA team at: era@temple.edu

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