Welcome to the Temple IACUC

The Temple University IACUC is committed to the assurance of the proper care and humane treatment of animals utilized in research and teaching by ensuring compliance with all federal regulations.  The IACUC serves the research community as a resource by providing guidance for conducting animal use procedures with the highest level of scientific and ethical principles, and assists investigators with protocol review process.

If you are planning to use animal subjects in any type of research or teaching activity, you must obtain IACUC approval beforehand. You will need to complete the Animal Care & Use Procedure (ACUP) form and submit it to the IACUC office for review. For more information regarding the form and other required document, please see the Forms section of the website.

To access IACUC Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines log into the IACUC site using the link below and click on the Meeting Schedule link.


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