University Laboratory & Animal Resources

Welcome to Temple ULAR

University Laboratory Animal Resources (ULAR) consists of the Central Animal Facility (CAF) at the Health Sciences Center (HSC) and the Main Campus (MC) animal facilities. The CAF animal facilities are in the Medical Research Building (MRB), the School of Pharmacy (AHP), the Old Medical School (OMS), and the Kresge Building (KB). On the Main Campus (MC) there are two animal facilities, one of which is in the Psychology Department's Weiss Hall Building (WH), the other is in the Biological Life Science (BLS) Building, Neurovirology Department. ULAR is under the Organizational direction of the University Veterinarian, which is under the Institutional direction of the Vice President for Research (VPR). The ULAR serves the collective needs of the HSC and MC for supporting research, teaching and testing programs that employ the use of animals.

Temple's Animal Care and Use Program Assurance is accountable by the VPR through the IACUC. The IACUC is responsible for evaluating and overseeing the animal care and use programs of the University. The VPR is responsible for ensuring that the decisions of the University Veterinarian and IACUC are properly enforced. At the HSC and MC the Attending Veterinarians (AVs) direct the Veterinary Care Program and have managerial oversight for all laboratory animals to ensure compliance with federal regulations and university policies regarding the use of animals in biomedical research, testing and teaching.


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