Contracts and Agreements

Materials Transfer Agreement

The transfer of biological materials between academic institutions can be considerably expedited if the other institution, like Temple, is a signatory to the Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement (UBMTA). In that case, a standard "UBMTA Implementing Letter" would be signed by the authorized representative of Temple and recipient's institution. Click to view the list of the UBMTA signatories

Transfer to Temple from an Academic Institution

The transfer of materials from another institution to you at Temple is often governed by the other institution's Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA), which requires your signature as well as Temple's authorized signature. Thoroughly review any such MTAs because they often contain clauses that give the other institution complete ownership of all research results you obtain through use of the material. Since such clauses often deviate substantially from the norm for U.S. academic institutions, they are often negotiable. Temple's review and approval of other institutions' MTAs is handled by:

Jeffery Tolliver, MBA
Contract Manager
Tel: (215) 707-8207

Transfer from Temple to an Academic Institution

Any research material you develop at Temple is owned by Temple and, if you believe that it may have commercial potential, you should report it promptly to the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization (OTDC) through an Invention Disclosure.

According to the Invention and Patent Policy, you will receive 40% of any income derived by Temple from the commercialization of research materials you develop here. Research materials often have significant potential commercial value even if they are not patentable. In order to protect this value, you should not transfer, even to colleagues at other academic institutions, any research material you have developed, without the protection of an MTA signed by the authorized representatives of recipient and Temple. Without a signed MTA, the recipient is free to do with your material as he or she pleases. MTAs permit non-clinical and non-commercial research use only, and specify further that the material remains the property of Temple. Use of materials for any other purpose requires a License Agreement, which is prepared by the OTDC.

Please contact OTDC to transfer materials from Temple to an academic institution.

Transfer to Non-Profit Institutions

MTA1 – This form may be used to transfer any Temple materials. All MTAs must be signed by the authorized representatives of recipient and Temple.

MTA2 – This form should be used to transfer Temple biological materials if the recipient's institution is a UBMTA signatory. All MTAs must be signed by the authorized representatives of recipient and Temple.

Corporate Material Transfers

MTA3 – This form is used to transfer any Temple materials to recipients at companies and other for-profit organizations (including research centers that appear to be non-profit but are not). It provides a higher level of protection for the material than the other two MTAs, and takes into account the commercial nature of the recipient organization. Please contact OTDC to obtain approval and Temple's authorized signatures for such MTAs.

OTDC Contact

Stephen Nappi
Associate Vice President, Technology Commercialization and Business Development

Tel: (215) 204-5293

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