Temple University Innovation Showcase

Temple University Innovation Showcase 2017

Temple University is a hotbed for innovation! You're invited to meet our community of innovators and learn about emerging technologies on campus. 

Fueled by more than $257 million in annual research expenditures and 39,000 students, Temple’s innovation pipeline features a diverse mix of tech and generates 115+ research-based inventions per year.

Meet Temple's rapidly growing community of inventors and entrepreneurs and witness innovations that may become future products! New microsphere taste strips for drug delivery, medical devices for tumor detection and deep vein thrombosis, magnetic technology for blood pressure reduction, smart eyewear for improved balance, naturally derived wound healing materials, non-flammable battery technology, virtual reality based rehab for balance impairment, and therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and HIV are just a few examples of the innovation under development at Temple. Furthermore, over 50 active spinouts are developing innovations from our faculty and students.

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Showcasing Innovations From:

Athlete CRUSH
Thilo Kunkel, Faculty
Sport-specific social media platform connecting athletes, fans, charities, and brands. 

BioSignal Analytics
Joseph Picone, Faculty
Automatic interpretation of EEGs is based on the application of big data and machine learning to clinical applications in neurology, and offers the potential to improve the treatment of neurological disorders in critical care settings.

Applied Chocolate Technology
Innovator: Rongjia Tao, Faculty
A new technology that can reduce the viscosity of chocolate to lower the amount of fat required and increase production efficiencies.

Katherine Wade, Alumnus
BarkPark! is Philadelphia's first indoor dog park! 

Crystal Fruit
: John Nguyen, Undergraduate
Creative Digital Solutions Company

Guiding Technologies
Innovator: John Nosek, Faculty
GAINS™ is the first instruction management software program designed exclusively for Applied Behavioral Analysis based autism therapy, providing interactive decision support and guidance to the instructor throughout the ABA session via haptic feedback.

Jumpbutton Studio
: Jose Hernandez, Undergraduate and Nicodemus Madehdou, Urban Apps + Maps Alumni
Jumpbutto Studio makes products that solve problems, invoke change and inspire creativity through games, and animated entertainment.

Legal Science, LLC
Heidi Grunwald, Staff
Legal Science has built the MonQcle, a SaaS solution designed specifically for lawyers and policy analysts who track law for business intelligence purposes.

Melzi Corporation
Samuel Weprin, Graduate Student
The Melzi Corporation's Needle Finder device is a surgeon's tool to prevent lost needles intraoperatively. Quickly locating surgical needles decreases lost surgeon time and hospital resources while improving the patient's OR experience.

Thomas Dixon, Alumnus
ME.mory is a digital memory mobile application.

Peter Agada, Staff, Graduate Student
myBalanceSens is a digital health startup creating smart glasses to address the issue of poor balance and falls in seniors. 

Novel Catheter for the Treatment of large vessel DVT and Pulmonary embolism
Riyaz Bashir, Faculty
Novel device for Treatment of venous thromboembolism

Stephanie L. Wunder, Faculty
PolyCeramix has developed a hybrid ceramic/polymer electrolyte to replace volatile liquid electrolytes in lithium batteries.

Praeventix & TUSP
Benjamin E Blass and Daniel Canney, Faculty
Praeventix LLC and Temple University School of Pharmacy's Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research are developing novel 5-HT7 modulators as therapeutic agents for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Recensa Therapeutics
: Oscar Perez-Leal, Faculty, Alumnus
Recensa is developing medication that will reduce or eliminate the symptoms of inflammatory diseases, starting with a topical product for psoriasis.

Cliff Tironi, Staff
RoadMap™ visualizes student progress and development across a number of competencies and skills, providing students with a comprehensive and holistic dashboard that compares individual improvement to baseline information, identifies strengths and areas needing further development, establishes the program/university as the catalyst for change, and demonstrates value and return on investment.

Soy Protein - Based Wound Matrices
: Peter I. Lelkes, Faculty
Showcasing a variety of soy-protein wound matrices/scaffolds that can enhance he healing of otherwise difficult to-heal wounds.

Innovator: Jack Perrotta, Undergraduate Student
Vitris allows customers to easily compare local repair shops and mobile technicians to find the best option for their phone or tablet repair.

VR balance assessment device using accessible technology
Innovator: W. Geoffrey Wright, Faculty
Using virtual googles for clinical balance assessment