Subaward Processes and Forms

When Temple is the Prime recipient  of external funding and the PI intends to establish a third-party relationship under that award, there are three types of relationships as defined below.







This relationship exists when funding from a pass-through entity is provided to perform a substantial portion of the scope of work or objectives of the pass- through entity's award agreement with the…awarding agency. (A pass-through entity is an entity that provides an award to a subawardee to carry out a program.)


Generally a dealer, distributor or other seller that provides, for example, supplies, expendable materials, or data processing services in support of the project activities.


Experts outside the University hired to perform a service on the project for a short period of time. Consultants are not supervised by a university employee, they do not supervise any university employees, they do not have use of university facilities and resources, they take on a profit/loss risk, etc.


Research Administration's process to establish a subrecipient relationship is outlined below.

Temple Univerisity is the Prime and intends to establish a subrecipient relationship:  

1.  New Proposal Submissions

All subrecipient documents are due at the 5-day submission deadline. The budget may not change after the five day submission deadline.

2.  New Award Received

3. Progress Report

  •  Subaward progress should be incorporated into overall submission. No subaward documents are due to RA pre-award at this time

4.  Continuing year prime award received. Once fully executed:​​​​​​

  • Complete Subaward Handoff checklist for Amendment
  • Email to to issue amendment and include:
    • ERA # in the email subject line
    • Any changed documents from the previous subaward issuance
    • Current period budget  
    • If Carry Forward is granted to the subawardee, include a carry forward budget

5. Renewals

  •    Follow the process outlined for new submissions